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About Me / Contact Me

While you browse around this site, you may very well wonder "who's in charge of this joint?". Let me help answer your questions by providing some information about myself, the "Web Tips" author, below. You can also get in touch via the form further down this page.

About the "Web Tips" author

AuthorHello. My name is Beverley Hooton and I've been employed as Website Technician for a Specialist Technology College in Derbyshire, UK, since the start of 2008.

My interest in web design and development goes back further than that though - I started dabbling in webby fun back in 2003, initially learning HTML and CSS as a means to "put pretty things on the internet" and it quickly became a firm hobby, although some would call it an obsession due to the time I spent on my laptop.

I started out making personal websites for friends while doing a few freelance sites for small local organisations, then in 2008 I decided to make it official by going back to college to study Business and Internet Technologies (2008 to 2010) and taking my web talents to my Local Education Authority - I've been employed by them ever since.

Primarily I develop, program and manage my employer's immediate school website, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and other internal web-based applications and systems, but I also work in the local community, designing and developing websites for feeder schools and local small businesses, and providing ad-hoc training and technical support when needed.

I am experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript (mainly using jQuery) and I'm currently improving my AJAX, MySQL and Flash skills. I also have a good working knowledge of popular Content Management System (CMS) platforms Joomla! and Moodle.

In my spare time, aside from maintaining this and a few other personal websites, I volunteer for an American doll collectors organisation called JemCon where I have been their senior web designer and developer since the middle of 2008. I provide and run a supporting website service through them (with all proceeds donated to their operational fund) that allows non-technical folk to own a small piece of personalised web-space and manage it inside an easy-to-use administration panel that I developed from my own open source CMS software, Fast Edit - another ongoing project of mine!

During any other free time I can muster, I also enjoy being creative with artwork - mostly traditional painting and digital stuff on a graphics tablet in Photoshop. I am happy to say that a few of my digital pieces have been used in commemorative merchandise for the organisation above; "Magic in Motown" (2009), "Starlight in Motown" (2009) and "Set Your Sails for New England" (2010).

Contact the "Web Tips" author

If you need to contact me for any reason, please feel free to drop me a line using the form below.

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